Sunday, February 05, 2006

We wanted & want clear atomic energy

Do we should get confirm for life to you, do we should have confirm to you for our works, we want to live, but USA & Europe don't give time to us, what you think about Iran, do you accept lies that told about our beauty country!? We wanted & want clear atomic energy, so you give confirm, so you don't!? Why you don't say anything about Israel atomic bombs, but don’t give confirm to us for laboratory tests about clear atomic energy, atomic energy is our law & we still want that
Endorsement: Iranian youth

اگر با انرژی صلح آمیز هسته ای موافقید برای این نوشته کامنت بگذارید و به این وبلاگ لینک بدید و خبر بدین تا در بهتون لینک بدم

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